Move to the countryside and start a new life – that’s what our gathering is about!

We, who dream about the countryside and who dream in the countryside, „Gyüttment”s-to-bes and already-„Gyüttment”s plan and formulate this new Life together. Gyüttment is a funny hungarian nickname for newcomers starting a new life in the countryside. A Life, in which we do not bypass the mud, but build a house of it. Where we do not eliminate weeds, but cook soup of it. We dream of an environmentally conscious, ecology-focused new Life. We, the pioneers, representatives, guerrillas of eco-conscious existence, gather for four days once a year either as presenters or listeners, but in any case as participants to help, teach and encourage each other and to form a community at a common place. We take off the rules, goals, expectations, fears and worthless order of consumer society and take on the silhouette of a freer, slower and worthier Life.

Gyüttment is an annual gathering for us, who has noticed, that asphalt is not the material that we can root into, nor makes us happy to bath in long-life milk or branded butter.
We, the new-starters in the countryside, the ones who choose the eco-friendly life and values, who fit in to the landscape meet in festival milieu to share and exchange our knowledge and experience. Along the 100 presentations and programs, associations, foundations and communities present themselves, but you can also find individual stories and results. This year we have an english speaking Stage the SEEEN Stage to connect people from the region. A sole venue and four days – access to all the experience-based knowledge what you may need beyond the comfort-zone. Join us!

This year the Gathering will be held at Magfalva, 60km to the east from Budapest between the 25 and 28th of August.

Gyüttment, the responsible gathering
We are a Zero Waste gathering, but being responsible doesn’t stop at minimizing waste. We keep an eye not only on the natural, but also on the social environment. But what does that mean in practice?

Responsible view on economy.
One goal of the gathering is to make better environment for the locals – who host us. Zero Waste and Zero Kilometer means, that all the food and drinks you buy at the gathering is locally produced and we only accept them packaging-free.
We support the initiatives for locals’ well-being and involve the local communities into the preparations of the gathering, so that they can make some extra income. In formulating the program, we also aim that you meet the locals, local traditions, culture and cultural heritage.

Responsible view on transportation.
We support the responsible, eco-friendly transportation forms we make a car-sharing site, where the drivers and passengers can easily find each other. Should you choose any of the abovementioned forms of transportation, you already made a step to minimize the environmental load of transportation.

Responsible view on party.
It’s fun to go to a gathering, but even more fun, if we do not damage the environment! Therefore we compost the food leftover, have compost-toilets, use renewable energy and give all the potential help to you for a responsible gathering, but we also need you to make it happen. For example: use the minimum amount of water and bio-degradable toiletries and do not bring anything packaged to the gathering.

Look and feel from our gathering, check for the english subtitles:

SEEEN Stage, the english speaking platform

SEEEN  (South Eastern European Ecovillage Network) is an emerging regional ecovillage network for communities, farms, and organizations that identify with life-affirming values, and the SEEEN Stage is a space for the further growth and creation of the nascent network, where mainly English speaking lectures and sessions will be held.

About SEEEN: The development of the regional network is being mentored by GEN Europe (the European sub-organization of the Global Ecovillage Network). The network currently has Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian members who joined together to make the experience of ecovillages available in our region, to make it applicable, and to connect those local farms, communities and organizations that already have valuable experience in the ecological, economic and social areas of sustainability.

The space of the SEEEN Stage will be created together with the volunteers Sonja, Matilde and Cili working in the joint European volunteer program of Nyim Eco Community, Szatyor Association, and Cold Mountain Shelter (Hideghegyi Menedék) community, as well as Gabi Nagy, a specialist who facilitates programs for volunteers. Volunteering is a big part of building communities and networks, so we will also share our experiences and provide space to wolunteers to share their stories as well.

At SEEEN Stage you can get to know the communities of neighboring countries, Hungarian communities and networks (Hungarian Living Village Network and Small Communities Network), you can try out practices and methods born from European collaborations (such as the Butterfly Village board game, the Community Catalyst program, the Community Incubator Program, or the Mother Nature program), you can meet with Arina Matejevna, who is the representative of Scott Peck’s Community Building International organization in Hungary.

SEEEN Stage program

Host of the SEEEN Stage, Fanni Sall

Fanni Sall

I am a bookbinder, illustrator, and visual artist. I have been a member of the Nyimi Eco Community for 7 years.

I play several roles in our eco-community, I am currently a volunteer coordinator, contact person and organizer. In addition, I make ecological and community-themed graphics, experiment with ethical art, and participate in network initiatives that connect communities and connect and support members of the community’s hubs.

Those who know our community better know that the European organization of the ecovillage movement (Global Ecovillage Network Europe) provided important inspiration and reinforcement at the time of our establishment, and then they provided us learning opportunities. 

Because this experience it is important to me to make ecovillage values more present in the South-Eastern European region as well. I participate in organising of the Southern European Ecovillage Network, in bringing the Community Incubator Program (CLIPS) to Hungary, and in finding the connections between different focus areas of our movement.

In our Nyim Eco community, at my network-weaving tasks and in other collaborations I have also experienced that community and joint work can be an endless resource for self-knowledge, self-healing, and development if we find our own part in shared responsibility. I try to convey this experience in such a way that it inspires as many people as possible to take action.

Useful informations

How do you get there?

By bicycle:

You can take the train from Budapest, then get off at Monor and take a 10km ride to Gomba village, next to which you will find Magfalva. At the junction for Szőlő street, head towards Szőlő street.

By public transport:

From Budapest, there is a bus from Kőbánya-Kispest to Monor, where you have to change to the bus to Tápióbicske and get off at the Malom junction in Gomba village. From there it is about 20 minutes on foot. From Budapest you can also reach Monor by train. From Monor to Gomba the bus also stops at the Monor train station, but for the exact timetable click here:

By car:

From Budapest, take the M4 to the exit at Gomba village, or take the road 4 to Monor and from there to Gomba. In either case, you will need to enter Gomba, and you will find the junction in the middle of the village (it may be listed in your GPS as the Gomba-Malomi junction, the name of the bus stop). From here, continue along Szőlő street and turn right onto the dirt road at the sign for Magfalva 1500 metres. Here you will see some signs for the settlement.

Take a car:

To discuss a trip to Magfalva, or any other trip together, we have set up a Facebook group “We are going to Magfalva”:
If you are looking for a caravan, or if you are looking for a free place, please add your offer to this table:


Our gathering is for organized for patrons only but you can become one.

How can you become a member of our Patron system?

Send your registration with your (and all of your companions) name, address, date of birth, phone number, type of membership, type of food (vegan or with meet) at mindenegyuttmegy at gmail dot com.

Pay the sponsorship fee to the Association’s treasury: (write your name into the comment section!!)

Mindenegyüttmegy Association, Account No: 16200247-10014963-00000000
IBAN: HU90 1620 0247 1001 4963 0000 0000 0000
MagNet Hungarian Community Bank Zrt.
1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98.

The annual sponsorship fee for 2022 (for those over 18 years of age) for the full four days of the Gathering: 120 EUR (or 45000 huf)

The membership fee includes three meals a day for the four-day event. Minor family members of our patron members are also welcome to attend the Gathering.

For children, the participation fee (which includes, in addition to attending the meeting, three meals a day) is for the full four days of the event:

Under 5 years: free (if under 5 years old)
5-12 years: 30 EUR or HUF 11 000 (if you are over 5 but under 12)
12-18 years: 60 EUR or HUF 22 000 (if you are aged 12 or over but under 18)

If you are unable to attend all four days of the Meeting, you have the option to buy a day ticket.
Three meals a day, over 18 years: 40 EUR or 15 000 HUF/person/day

With no meals for over 18s: 25 EUR or HUF 9 500/person/day

For children, the daily rate includes three meals a day:
up to 5 years: free of charge
5-12 years: 10 EUR or HUF 3 500 (over 5 years but under 12 years)
12-18 years: 16 EUR or HUF 6 000 (over 12 but under 18)

For children, the daily allowance is without meals:
up to 5 years: free of charge
5-12 years: 8 EUR or HUF 2 800 (over 5 but under 12)
12-18 years: 8 EUR or HUF 2 800 (over 12 but under 18)If you have a large family (3 or more children and you would all like to attend the Meeting), you can get a discount, which we will discuss with you individually, so please contact us at mindenegyuttmegy at gmail dot com.

IMPORTANT!!! Please don’t bring any pets with you (dogs, cats, etc.) because of the request of our hosts (the farm owners)!