Move to the countryside and start a new life – that’s what our festival is about!

We, who dream about the countryside and who dream in the countryside, „Gyüttment”s-to-bes and already-„Gyüttment”s plan and formulate this new Life together. Gyüttment is a funny hungarian nickname for newcomers starting a new life in the countryside.

A Life, in which we do not bypass the mud, but build a house of it. Where we do not eliminate weeds, but cook soup of it. We dream of an environmentally conscious, ecology-focused new Life.
We, the pioneers, representatives, guerrillas of eco-conscious existence, gather for four days once a year either as presenters or listeners, but in any case as participants to help, teach and encourage each other and to form a community at a common place. We take off the rules, goals, expectations, fears and worthless order of consumer society and take on the silhouette of a freer, slower and worthier Life.

The Gyüttment Festival is an annual gathering for us, who has noticed, that asphalt is not the material that we can root into, nor makes us happy to bath in long-life milk or branded butter.
We, the new-starters in the countryside, the ones who choose the eco-friendly life and values, who fit in to the landscape meet in festival milieu to share and exchange our knowledge and experience. Along the almost 200 presentations and programs, associations, foundations and communities present themselves, but you can also find individual stories and results. A sole venue and four days – access to all the experience-based knowledge what you may need beyond the comfort-zone. Join us!

This year the Festival will be held at Sötétvölgy, near Szekszárd between 22 and 25 of August.

Gyüttment, the responsible festival
We became Zero Waste festival last year, but being responsible doesn’t stop at minimizing waste. We keep an eye not only on the natural, but also on the social environment. But what does that mean in practice?

Responsible view on economy.
One goal of the festival is to make better environment for the locals – who host the festival. Zero Waste and Zero Kilometer means, that all the food and drinks you buy at the festival is locally produced and we only accept them packaging-free.
We support the initiatives for locals’ well-being and involve the local communities into the preparations of the festival, so that they can make some extra income. In formulating the program, we also aim that you meet the locals, local traditions, culture and cultural heritage.

Responsible view on transportation.
We support the responsible, eco-friendly transportation forms: whoever arrives on horseback can enter the festival for free, cyclist visit us on discounted rate and we also made a car-sharing site, where the drivers and passengers can easily find each other. Should you choose any of the abovementioned forms of transportation, you already made a step to minimize the environmental load of transportation.

Responsible view on party.
It’s fun to go to a festival, but even more fun, if we do not damage the environment! Therefore we compost the food leftover, have compost-toilets, use renewable energy and give all the potential help to you for a responsible festival, but we also need you to make it happen. For example: use the minimum amount of water and bio-degradable toiletries and do not bring anything packaged to the festival.

Look and feel from last year’s festival:

If you have any questions please send us an email at szevasz[at] 

H2020 BOND Hungarian National workshop No. 2.
RURAL SOCIAL- SOCIETAL- PUBLIC GOOD ECONOMY /Social Economy and the relationship with local farmers and their opportunities.

Downloadable program here

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